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What Kind Of Filing Cabinet Is Best For You?
Jun 28, 2017

What kind of filing cabinet is best for you?

The file cabinet is mainly used for storing company documents, the general market has four kind of file cabinet. Plastic file cabinet, wooden file cabinet, glass file cabinet and metal file cabinet. Do you know what the characteristics of these filing cabinets?

Plastic file cabinets

Plastic file cabinet with anti-static, light weight, anti-collision and other advantages. Plastic filing cabinets are generally used in specific environment only. But the plastic file cabinet also has shortcomings, its size is relatively simple, cannot afford too much weight, and have a high cost. and all most of plastic filing cabinets have fixed mold, so this filing cabinets can not be customized. and this filing cabinets can not fireproof, waterproof, and have poor security.

wooden filing cabinets
plastic filing cabinets

wooden cabinets

the wooden cabinet have higher cost, but it also have big faults. The wooden do not have function of waterproof and fireproof so that the wooden easily transformed. General the wooden cabinet's service life is very short with the higher cost, and for this type of filing cabinets, you may take more logistics cost since it can not be like metal filing cabinets free assembly. So this is not a good idea to choose wooden filing cabinets.  

Glass filing cabinets

Glass filing cabinets are rarely seen in daily life, although it is beautiful and transparent, but the glass filing cabinets is not safety at all. Now the market most of the glass file cabinets are combined with the metal, because the metal can make up for the hardness of the glass is not strong. But also to ensure the beautiful of the file cabinet. In addition, the Glass filing cabinets have the lower cost, and it is have almost the same as the metal filing cabinets life. so this glass filing cabinets is your better choice.

Metal filing cabinets

Metal filing cabinets are widely used in our daily life. Metal file cabinet can be waterproof, fire, pest control, security, anti-static and so on. But also can be used in special circumstances. The metal filing cabinets has lower cost, but there is a longer period of service life, generally 8-10 years. Which is your best choice.

metal filing cabinets

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