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What Is Personal Storage?
Jul 11, 2017

What is personal storage?

In fact, personal storage also called mobile filing cabinets. compared to general filing cabinets, personal storage has better mobility. they are easy to install, can be reused, Can be industrialized productionwaterproof, fireproof and so on. The personal storage brings great convenience to user's work, such as the personal storage can be placed in the desk position so that can be saved space. Personal storage by the drawer, storage body, pulley, lock and other components.

Drawers and storage. Personal storage drawer and cabinet main material for the cold-rolled steel plate. The personal storage can be made of a single material, or it can be made of two or more materials. The plates have a lot of colors that can be offered to the customer. At present main material is Cold rolled steel storage locker with electrostatic power coating, through spraying, plating and other technology.

Personal storage
Personal storage

Locks. We'd better choose brand locks, Including regular lockers, electronic lockers, fingerprint lockers and card lockers and so on. More solid. Its strength is good, corrosion resistance, color unchanged. Personal storage is mainly used for file storage, file storage. Which brand is better now? You can choose VMSworks Industry, especially VMSworks is a company specializing in the export of steel office furniture. We can also provide the better quality products with competitive price since we are manufacturer. We have our own engineerwe can meet every details that you need. Its production of filing cabinets, wardrobe, metal cabinets, mass rack and shelves have been subject to GB size, product quality distinctions, the price is suitable. You can choose to the appropriate office needs of the personal storage products.

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