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VMSworks Office Furniture Has Been Used In The Flight Center Australia Successfully
Nov 14, 2016

VMSworks office furniture has been used in the Flight Center Australia  successfully.

Wow,please see the new Flight Center in Australia, this is the multi million dollars fitouts that our client just completed for Flight Center.


You can see the office furniture in their offices, they are come from our factory, we begin to do business from 2014, and we are cooperating happily, the main products we are supplying are mobile pedestals,  mobile caddies and tambour door cabinet with top planter box, these products are best selling in most markets, besides ,the new design and high quality help us to win the clients’ trust, the mail products used in this big projects are 2 file drawer mobile pedestal, 2+1 file drawer mobile pedestal and customized slimline mobile pedestal, and our normal most popular side pull handle mobile pedestal, as you can see in the news video.

We are always insist on the principle


Your Project


Your Career


Your Priority


Also Our Priority



Please see above video from Australia news about the flight center projects. Let’s congratulate our clients that they completed the projects perfectly.

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