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The Structure Characteristics Of Filing Cabinet For Foreign Trade
Jul 20, 2017

 The structure characteristics of filing cabinet for foreign trade

Steel filing cabinets are fully assembled and disassembled. And the disassembled is the structure characteristics of filing cabinet for foreign trade, earliest for export. Because the fully assembled is not only large packaging, transportation and handling fees are also high, so in order to save freight and handling charges, there is more suitable for foreign trade situation of the disassembled file cabinet, and began to be populated by the people.    

The disassembly cabinet mainly includes the front door frame connected to the front door, The roof, the left and right side panels, the back plate and the bottom plate, due to the use of the assembly structure, in storage, transportation, greatly reduce the size of the file cabinet, so that can be reduced the cost of packaging, And handling is also very convenient, but also effectively reduce the storage file cabinet occupied by the volume, in the course of transport generally do not produce damage to the situation, more suitable for long-distance transport. disassembled cabinet can be demolished and then move, more convenient, to the new office can be installed, such as has been more than the international customers love VMSworks disassembled cabinet, only two kinds of tools within 3-5 minutes can Complete the assembly, greatly reducing the cost of labor costs. The tool is also very common screwdriver and so on. Disassembly of the file cabinet, of course, also belong to a steel file cabinet. Through the market survey situation, steel filing cabinets more and more by consumers. So, what is the advantage of steel filing cabinet sales to win everyone's favorite?

Ø The material made of high quality cold rolled steel, durable, easy to move the adjustment position;

Ø  Not only affordable, beautiful appearance, simple and neat, but also economic and environmental protection, style, selectivity, glass doors, drawers, mobile doors at random     choice, which will help improve work efficiency;

Ø  The capacity to meet the needs of the file placement, but not waste space;

Ø  The combination of strong, free to match;

Ø  Daily maintenance convenient, often used to create new, creating a beautiful, comfortable office environment.





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