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The Size Of Filing Cabinet
Jul 27, 2017

The size of filing cabinet

What is the most appropriate size for steel filing cabinets? Which is divided into conventional size, also called standard size, and also have custom size. Compared to the load-bearing and gradually out of the plastic file cabinet, and the appearance of high-end but expensive, formaldehyde content of the wood cabinet, the price is moderate, material health of the steel file cabinet in our daily use of the most extensive. Steel filing cabinets are not easy to destroy, longer life, easy to file the long-term preservation, the general steel file cabinet used to store some of the more important documents. Steel file cabinet size a lot, we are more common size:

1800 * 900 * 390mm and 1850 * 850 * 390mm. Widened sliding door file cabinet, the general size is: 1800 * 1180 * 390mm. If there is no special requirements, this size is a more reasonable size, VMSworks file cabinet of the conventional size is: 1800 * 900 * 390mm. However, if you have a special decoration style, process specifications, etc., you need to customize the size according to the actual situation, custom file cabinet is also with the aesthetic diversity of people more and more popular.

Size determines the file cabinet space, storage, etc., want to know how much size of the steel file cabinet that you need, you can do some consider as following:

1, according to the storage capacity to determine the file cabinet size

If the company needs to store more documents, you need to buy a larger size of the file cabinet to store more, and choose a large storage capacity of the style, so that does not take up too much space, but also a good sort of file information.

steel filing cabinets

steel filing cabinets

2, according to the size of the office space to determine the file cabinet size

If the office space is large enough, you can choose the size of the office file cabinet, so that office file cabinet size and office space size match, not only to the overall coordination, and to meet the company's growing needs! Office space is generally or more crowded, Suitable for the purchase of small size, thin edge of the office file cabinet, and according to the specific needs to determine the number of office file cabinet!

3, according to the size of the company to determine the size of steel filing cabinets

When the company is larger, then a lot of information, naturally also need a larger office file cabinet to store. General large office file cabinet size is: the height of the best control in the following 2000mm easy to take, width of 900mm or not too wide file cabinet door easily deformed.

4, according to the office of the functional partition to determine the size

Such as the staff area of the office file cabinet can be a little smaller, managers and veterans of the office file cabinet needs a little bigger. VMSwork file cabinet as a custom industry experts, you can achieve professional custom. Has its own professional design team, has been the original design-oriented, design concept to the simple atmosphere of the modern style of the main.

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