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The Quality Inspection Process Of The Filing Cabinets
Jul 18, 2017

The quality inspection process of the filing cabinets

Filing cabinets are essential office furniture for modern office life, and filing cabinets also have different materials. Such as wood, plastic, steel and so on.  Especially steel filing cabinets and because of its good load, large storage, there is no deformed for long-term use, anti-corrosion, rust-proof effect is good. Steel filing cabinets has become the first choice for the office furniture. According to function, Steel filing cabinets can be divided into information cabinet, intensive cabinets, drawing cabinets, wardrobe, lockers, key cabinets, shoe cabinets, staff cabinets, etc., as well as customized file cabinet. Today, VMSworks to share with you the file cabinet product quality monitoring and measurement. The company QC department should monitor the product characteristics and measurement, and in the realization of the product to verify:

A)     Purchase inspection: filing cabinet raw materials and product accessories inspection, by the inspectors in accordance with the relevant national standards or purchase of products to test the inspection procedures; external inspection by the full-time inspectors of its inspection, inspection results and records as the supplier qualified and No important basis.

B)     the first test: the class began to produce or replace the product variety, or adjust the process after the production of the first three products, the operator self-test qualified by the inspectors according to the corresponding inspection procedures for inspection, fill in the first inspection record; If the failure of the filing cabinet should be requested rework or re-production, until the first inspection and qualified by the inspector to confirm, in order to mass production.

C)     Process self-test: part-time inspectors based on the technical requirements, inspection norms for process inspection, good quality records, marking the work piece is in line with the requirements.


D)    Mutual inspection: The operator of the next process should check the filing cabinet products transferred from the above process (which may also include the number and supporting conditions), and then proceed with the processing of the "unqualified control procedure" for the nonconforming product.

E)     tour monitoring: the production process, full-time inspectors and production ministers, workshop director, quality inspection department should be the operator's self-inspection and mutual inspection to monitor the operator's work methods, the use of equipment, tooling, And so on; if necessary, sampling the results and timely feedback to the operator and its department heads; found unqualified filing cabinet products should be "unqualified control procedures."

F) Final inspection: Check whether the pre-inspection records are complete, whether the product characteristics of the filing cabinet meet the requirements, pass the certificate or delivery, and keep the evidence in accordance with the acceptance criteria. The record should indicate the person who has the right to release the product. Unless approved by the authorized person concerned and approved by the customer, the product and delivery service should not be released until the planned arrangement has been satisfactorily completed.

VMSworks filing cabinet, the office is essential to the office of a good helper!

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