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The Price Changing For Some Prodcuts In Recently
Nov 24, 2016

Domestic stainless steel prices in China have continued to move higher over the past week after mills raised their ferro-chrome purchase prices.

According to MEPS (International) Ltd, the recent spike in coking coal costs gave support to the European steelmakers’ determined attempts to hike strip mill product prices, in November. Mill order books are relatively healthy and delivery lead times remain extended, although buyers seem less worried about availability, now. The proposed rises continue to be accepted, at least in part, but service centers are concerned because their customers are progressively more reluctant to accept higher prices. Trade defence measures, on both hot and cold rolled coil, together with higher prices demanded by many overseas suppliers, continue to restrict import volumes.

German manufacturing output is good, leading to solid steel demand. However, buyers complain that the improvement is not sufficient to justify current mill price hike proposals. German service centres are not fully recouping the steelmakers’ increases. Nevertheless, strip mill product basis values continue to advance as a result of restricted supply and extended delivery lead times. Buyers expect that steel will become more expensive as mill costs surge but are not convinced that producers will achieve their target figures.

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Yes, you can see the international steel price, it is also increasing, which it means that the cost of the steel furniture will increase accordingly. Actually, most steel office furniture factory and manufacturer had adjusted the price before with the cold rolled coils markets. Now we get the news from the steelmakers that the price rised another 100 RMB within today again, it was a big rises rates for us. Nobody can image what would happen if the price of cold rolled steel coils continued rise like this rate.

Some products’ price rised much, like filing cabinets, office cupboards, tambour door cabinets, etcs . Some products’price rised a little, such as the mobile pedestal, because it used less material, our price systems will be adjusted according to the material markets changing, please pay attention to our website and get the latest news about our price and other news.


By the way,please confirm the price and details before placing your order. Our staff will give you the detailed solutions.

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