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Professional Office Design
Jun 20, 2017

                         Professional office design

It is necessary to be concerned when you do the color of office design. In the decoration design process, the color will be used whether it is the choice of furniture or the choice of the floor. From a professional point, in the decoration design when the color of the match is a very critical issue.

At first, let us talk about the interior wall color. Usually, when we do the office wall design whether it is brush paint or wall tiles, should be use shallow colored. Because the darkness of the strong will be easy to create a visual depressive, narrow feeling, long-term in such a environment where the staff will also have a psychological discomfort.


But the color of the steel office furniture.jpgfurniture can be slightly deeper. If it is relatively simple atmosphere, the overall style is light-colored decoration, then the choice of furniture can also be selected when the light-colored furniture. But you can also choose the dark color of the furniture, this will give people a calm feeling. 


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