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How To Maintain Your Furniture
Jun 22, 2017

How to maintain your furniture

Ø   It should be placed in a dry place, and as little as possible to contact the sun. Because the damp environment easily lead to surface paint off so that          make your metal furniture rust, affecting your normal use.

Ø Please do not use alcohol to wipe your metal furniture, because it is easy to make your metal furniture to become aging.

Ø You can wipe your metal furniture with fresh milk, which will make your metal furniture more glossy and supple.

Ø If your furniture is accidentally stained with the following substances, please remove it as follows:

        1.Oil/dirt: You can use a little toothpaste and then dry it with paper or cloth.

        2.ballpoint pen ink: Just use eraser.

        3.Beer, soda / coffee: First, you should rinse with warm water and then dry with paper or dry cloth.       


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