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How To Installing A File Cabinet?
Jul 13, 2017

How to installing a file cabinet?

When we ordered the office file cabinet, the number is not too much, Want to do it by yourself? Of course, because the office file cabinet process has been very mature and perfect, it is not complicated to install. If it is disassembly of the file cabinet, the installation time is about ten minutes. In particular, VMSworks file cabinet, innovation of a new disassembly process: front frame disassembly. Probably use two to three tools can be completed, the installation time is about 3 minutes. And can be completed by the buyer independently, what is manufacturers of general conventional file cabinet installation method? What are the regular processes?

Component Installation:

(1) File cabinet side panels, doors, panels, floor are double package inlaid structure. The order of installation of these components is generally: wooden frame installation surface finishing coating briquetting gluing size processing edge band installation parts processing.

(2) File cabinet drawer installation.

(3) File cabinet tripod installation. A single piece of cloth and a piece of material into a single piece. Assemble the tripod to assemble two monolithic and two watch panels to form a complete tripod and then fit the horn.

Side plate with roof, panel mounting:

In the side panels and roof, the panel of the pre-drilling hole coated with glue, insert the round sample for installation. According to the structure of the file cabinet in the installation of sub-board and the roof, the panel should be the drawer slide and slide at the cross-stalls installed, so that the drawer in the vertical positioning. Install the backplane.

Installation cabinet and tripod:

Put the tripod on the board with a wooden screw and connect it to the base plate.

Installation door:

At the outside of the door, the next two feet out of the appropriate hinge groove, groove than the total thickness of the hinge 0.5mm. And then use the wooden screw hinge were fixed in the side panels and door panels, and open the door several times, the installation of quality inspection, and timely adjustment of the door cap and drawer panel bottom seam size, until the appropriate date.

Install the edge of the wood:

the thickness of 10mm of the edge of the use of nail and glue two kinds of bonding way to edge, the use of wood width of 22mm, and the same thickness with the side board. In order to put the small pieces placed on the file cabinet will not roll to the ground, should be in the top of the side of the board when the panel is also attached to the edge of a rubber band. Edge between the edges with 45 ° oblique docking.

Install the handle

Use wood and sandpaper to polish the surface and the lines to remove burrs, gums and other contaminants.

Well, a smooth appearance, strict fit of the office file cabinet installed. In the next days, it will be your office life to bring convenience and efficiency, as your effective storage assistant.

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