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Glass File Cabinet
Jul 26, 2017

Glass file cabinet

File cabinet is used to put the file information commonly used office equipment, according to different materials, can be divided into steel filing cabinets, wooden filing cabinets and plastic file cabinets. At present, the office is the most commonly used steel file cabinet, because of its anti-corrosion tide, long life, and cost-effective, large storage market welcomed by the market. Today, VMSworks to share with you the glass file cabinet, it is a steel file cabinet style.

Glass file cabinet by style can be divided into: full glass file cabinet, half of glass file cabinet, on the iron switchboard and so on. Glass file cabinet in the usual use of the need to pay attention to what the details, so that the service life will be longer?

Glass file cabinet

file cabinet

First, the glass file cabinet in the usual use must be careful, usually switch the door to take the information to light the light off, avoid collision, especially to avoid collision to the glass surface.

Second, when placing the glass file cabinet, it is best to place in a relatively fixed position, do not move. In the time of placement, must be flat, there is often used to put the file on the file cabinet above, and not commonly used should be placed in the file cabinet below, so very convenient.

Third, we must always clean the glass file cabinet, especially the glass surface. Want to make the glass surface clean and bright, you need to spray the glass surface cleaning agent, then gently wipe with a damp cloth, and finally wipe with a dry cloth can be.

Regardless of what type of file cabinet style, have their design philosophy. Glass file cabinet mainly by style can be divided into Chinese classical style, European and American style, modern minimalist style. Which modern simple style by the consumer's welcome, we can purchase office furniture when the reference to different categories to match the type of file cabinet, such as glass steel file cabinet for enterprises, schools and other places to use, cost-effective, affordable. VMSworks is always your best choice.

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